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Asset Preservation


Business Representation Forms and Questionnaires


Car Accidents


Child Custody


Child Support


Contract Disputes


Discrimination (not employment related)




Driver’s License Reinstatements, Restoration, and Holds




Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination


Medicaid Application and Appeals


Medical Malpractice Forms and Questionnaires


Miscellaneous Family law


Personal Injury


Product Liability Forms and Questionnaires


Social Security Application and Appeals


Workers Compensation




Adoption Retainer


Car Accident Contingency


Child custody retainer


Child support retainer


Contract Disputes Retainer


Divorce Contested retainer


Divorce uncontested retainer


DUI retainer


Litigation Expense Indemnification Agreement


Medical Malpractice Contingency


Medicaid Retainer


Out-of-state move retainer


Payment Plan


Personal Injury Contingency


Power of Attorney Retainer


Proof of Representation


Social Security Contingency


Workers Compensation




Adoption Questionnaire


Asset Preservation Questionnaire


Business Representation Questionnaire


Client General Information Questionnaire


Child Custody and/or Support Questionnaire


Contract Dispute Questionnaire


Damages – Bodily Injury Questionnaire


Damages – Employment and Income Questionnaire


Damages – Unpaid Medical Bills and Expenses Questionnaire


Discrimination Questionnaire


Divorce Questionnaire


Drivers License Restoration Questionnaire


DUI Questionnaire


Employment Discrimination and/or Wrongful Termination Questionnaire


Guardianship Questionnaire


Medical Malpractice Questionnaire


Medicaid and/or Social Security Disability Questionnaire


Out-of-state move Questionnaire


Opposing out-of-state move questionnaire


Personal Injury Questionnaire


Power of Attorney Questionnaire


Product Liability & Defective Product Questionnaire


Sexual Assault Questionnaire

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