Offering Free Legal Services To Medical Professionals Fighting CoronaVirus

As we all know, a global pandemic is sweeping through the world. It is called the CoronaVirus or Clovid19.

The soldiers on the front line of this fight are those employed in the medical community. They are the nurses, nurse practitioners, surgeons, doctors, and other staff who work at hospitals and other medical facilities. In addition, due to the fact that the CoronaVirus is most deadly for senior citizens, workers in retirement communities, in-home nursing centers, and in-home healthcare providers, providing assistance to the elderly, are at particular risk.

Yet, where would we be without these heroes? Where would we be without the nurses and medical professionals willing to enter a disease filled hospital risking their own safety? Where would we be without nurses and medical professionals willing to take care of the sick and dying without plastic masks and PPE that they are entitled to? Where would we be without the willingness of medical professionals to risk the health of their own loved ones in order to care for complete strangers? We would be up a creek the name of which you already know.

Like everyone else, I want to contribute to the nation’s collective effort to beat this insidious enemy. But, I know nothing about medicine. The limit of my mechanical knowledge is hanging up a picture frame. And, I could not successfully sow two socks together if my life depended upon it.

The one skill I have is in the legal profession: and I am highly qualified if I might say so myself.

To that end, during the duration of this national crisis, I am willing to assist anyone in the medical field with any legal needs they might have, free of charge. The only thing I will ask is for you to pay any applicable court costs (which might not apply depending upon the case).

If you need a Will drafted, Power of Attorney, trust, have other estate issues, a custody dispute, a child support case, divorce, or any other legal need, my billable time working on your case is completely free.

whether it be a nurse, doctor, nurse practitioner, hospital staff such as janitors, cooks, orderlies, dentist or veterinarian who has been conscripted into this fight, or anyone else who can prove they work in a hospital or surgical center, whatever you need my firm to assist you with, my billable time is free. It is the very least I can do.

If you read this post but are not yourself in the medical field, share it with others, so anyone who might be in the medical field and in need of legal assistance, might find it.

God bless this amazing country, and all the faceless heroes in the frontlines of this fight, who brush off this heroism as “just doing my job.”

If you believe you might have a case, it is crucial you contact a qualified attorney immediately. Contact The Lockwood Legal Group for a free consultation today! You can call our office phone, cellular phone, or send us an email.

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