Personal Injury Forms & Questionnaires

Below is a list of forms and questionnaires we ask that you fill out if you are a client employing The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC to represent you in a Personal Injury case. Try to complete these forms as soon as you can, because when it comes to Personal Injury cases, tine is of the essence.

The Employment Contracts are the agreements you need to sign in order to employ the firm to represent you. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions of these contracts, contact your attorney immediately. He or she will answer any questions you might have, and will even review the contracts line by line with you if you so desire.

In limited cases, these Employment Contracts might be sent to you through regular US mail. If you have not received these documents within a day or so of talking with your attorney, contact your attorney immediately.

The Employment Contracts are protected by a password. This password should have been provided to you by your attorney. If you lost the password or the password you were provided does not work, contact your attorney right away. We will help.

Employment Contracts

Personal Injury Contingency Agreement

Proof of Representation Agreement


Client General Information Questionnaire

Damages – Bodily Injury Questionnaire

Damages – Unpaid Medical Bills and Expenses Questionnaire

Damages – Employment and Income Questionnaire