Justice is blind

Suing Meijer Stores LLC for employment discrimination

Client was fired from Meijer on the basis of her age and disability

Suing Hospital for allowing wood to remain in client's hand

ER staff of Lakeland Hospital Niles Michigan failed to properly clean and remove wood from client's injuird hand. Wood remained in wound for five months.

Suing Hooters For Exposing Customer To Toxic Chemical

Client ordered beer at Mishawaka Hooters, was served glass full of toxic beer line cleaner instead.

Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

Bodily injury, inaccurate diagnoses, medical professional’s failure to comply applicable standard of care

Personal Injury

Bodily injuries, slip & falls, product liability, pain and suffering, car accidents, emotional distress, wrongful death

Slip & Falls

Premise liability, slippery floors, hazardous conditions, failure to warn, retail establishments, public places, parking lots, medical expenses, and more

Work Injuries & Workers Compensation

Injuries at work, lost wages, scope of employment, employer’s liability, medical expenses, workers compensation benefits, appealing denials, and more


Driving under the influence, drunk driving, multiple convictions, reduction of charges, vigorous criminal defense, grounds for challenging prosecution’s evidence

Driver’s License Restoration

Driver’s license restoration, removing out-of-state hold on license, multiple DUI DWI convictions, in both Indiana and Michigan.

Divorce & Marital Separation

Prenuptials, divorce, asset division, spousal support, alimony, child support, child custody, tax implications, domestic abuse, restraining orders, and more.

Libel & Slander

Defamation, character assassination, revenge porn, defamatory online content, unlawful interference in employment or business opportunities

Medicaid Eligibility & Applications

Free eligibility determination, obtaining Medicaid, protecting assets, appealing denials, in home nursing care, & more.

Protecting Assets From Nursing Home Seizure

Asset protection, exempting assets, avoiding improper transfers of assets, obtaining in-home nursing care, Medicaid, and more.

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

Free eligibility determination, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), disability diagnoses, appealing denials

Adoptions, Child Custody & Child Support

Custody disputes, child support, adoptions, parental rights, abandonment, revocation of parental rights
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About Us

My name is Jim Lockwood. I graduated from law school at the University of Notre Dame and am licensed to practice law in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. I served five years as an Assistant Attorney general at the Ohio Attorney General's Office. While there, I prosecuted welfare fraud and drafted opinions for the state. I also served as an Assistant Prosecutor for the Barrion County Michigan prosecutor’s office. As a person who has experienced a disability as well as the trials and tribulations that go along with it, I know how crucial fair treatment before the law can be. I represent clients like you to obtain justice on their behalf. Justice is not a commodity, it's a right. You won’t find a more determined advocate. Lawsuits can be intimidating. But, no corporation or person is too large to be above the law. Remember, the bigger the adversary, the sweeter the victory. Contact me today to receive a free case evaluation.

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  Felonies in Indiana are categorized based on a scale from Class A to Class D, with the lower letters including the least serious felonies. Class D felonies include:   • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated • Marijuana possession – 30 grams or more • Theft – valued at $750 or more • Counterfeiting • […]


If you are a client of The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC, below are lists of all the types of cases we represent clients in regards to.     Click on your case type and you will be taken to a page listing all the forms and questionnaires applicable to your case. You can fill out […]


As we all know, a global pandemic is sweeping through the world. It is called the CoronaVirus or Clovid19. The soldiers on the front line of this fight are those employed in the medical community. They are the nurses, nurse practitioners, surgeons, doctors, and other staff who work at hospitals and other medical facilities. In […]


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