We recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client, a Mr. Anderson, for personal injuries, medical expenses, and emotional distress he suffered during his recent stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites located in Watervliet Michigan.


Our client’s injuries result from countless bedbug bites he received all over his body during his stay.


On or about September 11, 2021, our client stayed with a business associate at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Watervliet’s Michigan, located at 8258 Arnt Blvd, Watervliet, Michigan 49098.


Little did our Client know, the room he had paid to stay in was already occupied. The room’s occupant was waiting for him between the sheets. To put it bluntly, our client had a night he’ll never forget.


Specifically, the room was suffering from a severe bedbug infestation.


Instead of warning our client about the condition of his room, the hotel was all too happy to take his money and grant him the privilege of spending the night at their establishment. While for full disclosure we will acknowledge the hotel did refund our Client the cost of his room. But that is little consolation for the number of bites he suffered all over his body, and the emotional distress he experienced having woken up to find thousands of insects crawling over his body.


After all, would you be satisfied with that?


Michigan’s Law of Premise Liability


We have previously covered different aspects of premises liability in the state of Michigan. As frequent readers know, under Michigan law, landowners do not have to warn or protect their customers from hazardous conditions located on their property, so long as the hazardous condition is open and obvious.


So, in theory, a restaurant which had a massive twenty foot wide, ten-foot-deep hole in its parking lot, would not be liable if one of their customers happened to fall into the hole breaking their neck. After all, so long as the crater is not covered or otherwise concealed, it should be clear to anyone who bothers to look up from their phone that there is a massive hole in the parking lot. And, if a customer does not notice it, so much bad luck for them.


Think that legal position is ridiculous? So do we. be sure to pay attention to what judges and state politicians you vote for: regardless of your state. For now, do not blame us. We practice the law. we do not make the law. but, for those in Michigan who believe Landlords have obligations to make even the slightest effort to keep those they invite onto their property safe, and who are distressed to learn that they do not, you can thank members of your state legislature and Michigan Supreme Court.


We Win For Our Clients


It should be noted however, we have previously been successful in suing a Michigan restaurant establishment where our client broke her ankle on uneven concrete.


Unlike the hypothetical crater mentioned above, or the uneven concrete at issue in our former case, bedbugs are neither easily noticeable nor obvious to a potential hotel guest. So, they are not a hazard which is open and obvious. As such, Defendants are liable for our Client’s injuries.



When you, a member of the public, pay to spend the night at a hotel, you have a reasonable expectation that you and your family will be safe. While no hotel can protect its customers from every potential danger, it is not unreasonable for their customers to expect the rooms they stay in to be free from unsanitary insect bedbug infestations.


By pursuing this case, our firm will be ensuring that.

Defendants: Aimbridge Hospitality, LLC; All City Hospitality, LLC; and Fairfield Inn & Suites take measures to protect future customers of the Watervliet’s Fairfield Inn & Suites, assuming there are any, from suffering similar nights of horror.


Many of the lawsuits we file on behalf of our Client can be read about on our Wall of Shame page.


Case Update


This matter has since settled for an undisclosed amount.


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