Why did my attorney just send me questions to answer from the opposing attorney?

Why did my attorney just send me questions to answer from the opposing attorney?


We have covered the process of discovery as well as its different forms throughout our blog. The process of discovery is often confusing to clients. For many of them, the case we represent them on is the first time they have been involved in a lawsuit.


What can you expect from our personal injury attorneys during the initial stages of discovery?


Once discovery begins, clients can expect to have the other party’s discovery requests forwarded to them by attorneys of The Lockwood Legal Group.


Our clients almost always reach out to us and express nervousness and confusion about having been forwarded a bunch of strangely worded questions from the other side’s attorney. However, we request the client take a stab at answering the questions on their own first.


We know it is stressful. Most of our clients have never been involved in litigation before. Inevitably our clients reach out and express their deep concern. We hear questions such as the following.


What if I mess up an answer?


Do not worry. First, so long as you tell the truth, you won’t “mess up” an answer. Second, We ALWAYS review our client’s answers prior to them being sent out to the opposing party. Rest assured, we will not simply take whatever you provide us, and submit it to the other side without reviewing it.


But, what if I do not know an answer to a question?


The question answers itself. Do what you would typically do in your everyday life and tell the truth. It is not a crime to admit that you do not know or do not remember something. This is litigation not politics.


How do I answer these questions?


You answer them the same way you would do anything else in life you view as important. You answer them the best you can. There is a saying, the truth will set you free. So long as you tell the truth, and do your best, your answers will be great.


Why do you require me to answer the questions on my own at first?


While we are your attorneys and can definitely do a lot to improve your chances of success at both trial and during mediation, we cannot testify for you. Litigation is a process you will have to travel together with your attorney.


If you think you are nervous answering written questions in the privacy of your own home without speaking to your attorney first, just wait until you are forced to sit in a witness box in an open courtroom and answer questions.


You must begin practicing feeling comfortable explaining your view of the case in your own words. It will be required of you during depositions and during trial. So it is best to begin practicing now. That way, by the time you get to trial, you are eager, instead of nervous, when asked to speak about your case.


So if you are a client of The Lockwood Legal Group, who has just received a forwarded email from your attorney, asking you to take your best shot at answering a set of strangely worded questions, submitted by the other side’s attorney, do not panic. Do what your lawyer says and answer them as truthfully and best you can. Rest assured, there is a method to our apparent madness. And, we will be reviewing your answers and discussing them with you as needed. Remember, no matter how many client questionnaires you answer, there Is NO ONE who knows your case better then you.



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