Below are a list of all the questionnaires we request clients fill out, depending upon what type of case they are employing The Lockwood Legal Group to represent them in. Individual pages divided by case type are provided on our Forms Page for easier access to the questionnaires relevant to your case.

To make sure you fill out all questionnaires relevant to your case, visit our Form’s Page and click on your case type. Links that have strikes through them indicate that they are not yet finished uploading. All client questionnaires and contracts will be fully uploaded and digitized for client convenience, by May 15th, 2020. Also, all the questionnaires listed below are password protected. Client’s receive a password from their attorney once they become a client of the firm. If you are a client and forgot or otherwise lost the password, contact us and we will provide you a new one.


Asset Preservation Questionnaire

Business Representation Questionnaire

Client General Information Questionnaire

Child Custody and/or Support Questionnaire

Contract Dispute Questionnaire

Damages – Bodily Injury Questionnaire

Damages – Employment and Income Questionnaire

Damages – Unpaid Medical Bills and Expenses Questionnaire

Discrimination Questionnaire

Divorce Questionnaire

Drivers License Restoration Questionnaire

DUI Questionnaire

Employment Discrimination and/or Wrongful Termination Questionnaire

Harassment and/or Protective Order Questionnaire

Medical Malpractice Questionnaire

Medicaid and/or Social Security Disability Questionnaire

Personal Injury Questionnaire

Power of Attorney Questionnaire

Product Liability & Defective Product Questionnaire

Sexual Assault Questionnaire

Workers Compensation Questionnaire