How Your Own Insurance Company Can Become Your Adversary

Filing a lawsuit against someone who injures you appears easy on all the television shows. It goes something like this.

1. someone suffers injuries from the wrongful act of another
2. they find a good lawyer
3. they obtain a judgement awarding them money to compensate them for their injuries
4. They sale off into the sunset.

We never see the victims of negligence pursued by their own insurance company for a portion of the money they just received from the party that injured them. But, this happens in many states like Michigan and Ohio.

If you suffer injuries from a car accident, and your insurance company pays for your medical treatment, your insurance company has a right to obtain a portion of any settlement you may receive. This applies to government insurers like Medicare as well. This is called subrogation.

Both Michigan law and Ohio law allow subrogation in many circumstances. However, insurance providers are often willing to settle for a lesser amount then the full amount they paid on your behalf.

Thus, it’s important to have a competent attorney who can successfully negotiate on your behalf and fight for you to receive monetary damages taking this possibility into account.

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