What Is Our Firm’s Mission?


What do I mean by our firm’s mission? Surely as a lawfirm, our mission is to make money, like everyone else, right?

While true, unlike other lawyers, I see the law not only as a method of generating income, but as an instrument of societal change. After all, if the law does not promote justice for those harmed by others, it has lost its essential purpose.

Sometimes it is the fight that matters not the outcome. sometimes there is value in fighting a battle you know you have little or no chance of winning. There is value in standing up and opposing actions or laws you believe to be unjust. The bravery of the few to challenge unjust laws is what changes society.

Of course this cannot be the case in every lawsuit; unless a firm wishes to quickly acquaint itself with bankruptcy law. And, we are always honest to our clients about the validity or likely outcome in their cases. Nevertheless, at times I have taken cases knowing that our chances of victory are extremely low, or nonexistent. However, I did so because I believed in the case and that a true wrong had been committed against my client.

Remember, the law does not change until someone challenges it.

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