Six Steps For Parents Dealing With Daycare Injuries

Six Step For Parents Dealing With Daycare Injuries


The aftermath of a daycare injury can be overwhelming – parents want answers for what happened to their child and how the daycare could allow it to happen. Families whose children were injured at daycare have the right to find out what happened and to hold the daycare accountable. 


If your child was injured at a daycare facility, this guide is for you. We created this guide for parents who have children in daycare that just want to know what to do and the steps that need to be taken after their child has been injured.


Seek immediate medical attention


Getting medical attention for your child who was hurt in daycare is vital to their recovery and your child’s potential case. It’s important to go see an emergency doctor or primary care pediatrician as soon as possible.


Request an incident report from the daycare


It’s important to get a detailed incident report as soon as you can, as it may be useful in a potential case you may have.


Report the incident to the state

The state needs to know about any and all incidents that happen in daycares, even if it seems minor. States record deficiencies that daycares have, and it could help prevent future incidents or injuries from happening to other kids.


Inform yourself and investigate

Do what you can to find out any additional details that the daycare may not be sharing with you. Speak with other parents and try to remember if your child may have said something that indicated abuse or neglect.


Know your rights as a parent

As a parent, you have rights to help your child recover from this. Daycares with abusive or neglectful staff should not get away with harming young children. 


The Six Step


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