Why Can’t I Find A Blog Article For A Field Of Law Identified On The Homepage?

Articles on my blog cover a wide variety of legal issues. Whether it be wills, personal injury cases, contract disputes, medical malpractice, bidder custody fights, or other legal problems, articles on my blog are only intended to provide general knowledge to visitors about the given field of law.


At times there might be an article on a given topic for one state but not another. For instance I may write extensively about a legal issue for the state of Michigan, but have very little written for Indiana. Alternatively, other topics may be given substantial coverage on my blog for Indiana while receiving little treatment for Michigan.

Such absences are ONLY a result of me having insufficient time to write blog articles on each field of law, for each of the two states. If it is a legal issue identified on the homepage and you are a potential client, living in Michigan, Indiana or Ohio, having one of those legal issues, contact me.


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