Do I Need an Expungement?

Do I Need an Expungement?

Anyone with an Internet connection can see your criminal record. Potential employers, landlords, and licensing organizations are just a few of the entities that inquire about an individual’s criminal record.

Whether they obtain a formal background check or merely check the state’s online case history portal, your criminal record is available for all to see. Many people are surprised to learn how much of one’s life can be impacted by past mistakes:

The presence of criminal convictions upon your record can impact your life in countless ways, including, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Job opportunities
  • Housing opportunities
  • Driving privileges
  • Child custody matters
  • Professional licensure
  • Voting rights
  • Your right to own and carry a gun.

By obtaining an expungement, you can prevent inquiring agents from accessing and using your criminal record to prevent your success in these areas.

To learn more about the process of obtaining an expungement of your criminal record in Indiana, check out our section on expunging your criminal record in Indiana.

Although we might not have as many blog posts covering the process of obtaining expungements in each of the states where we practice law, such as Ohio, Michigan, and others, we can assist clients in obtaining expungement in any of those states as well.

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