Can You Be Charged With Child Endangerment For Leaving A Kid In A Car In Ohio

Can you be charged with child endangerment in Ohio if you leave your kid in a car? Like most things in law, the answer is it depends.

Ohio law defines child endangerment as subjecting a child to a “substantial harm.” A “substantial harm” means that you subjected your child to a substantial likelihood that a given harmful result would occur. The state also needs to show that you had a reckless mental state. Recklessness means you knew but disregarded a given outcome.

Thus, Ohio courts have ruled before that a parent who left their child in a car on a cool afternoon, for only 10 minutes, could not be prosecuted for criminal child endangerment. Whether you are guilty of child endangerment depends upon both the facts presented in your unique situation, and your ability to find a competent lawyer.

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