Finding A Lawyer Who Cares

Finding ourselves in need of a lawyer is one of the most uncomfortable and often frustrating times in a person’s life. First, when a person finds themselves in need of a lawyer, it is often due to the occurrence of a tragedy in their life. Whether it is being sexually harassed at work, unjustly terminated without cause, getting a divorce, having a car accident, or suffering medical malpractice at the hands of a doctor, you are already stressed over having to deal with the emotions of the underlying event. Now you have to find a stranger who you can trust to handle the myriad often seemingly perplexing legal ramifications? What should you look for?

Some attorneys have fancy offices. Some lawyers impress you with memberships on numerous legal committees. But all you care about is finding someone you can trust. All you care about is finding someone who can understand what you are going through. At my law office, that is all we do.

I know personally how it feels to need a lawyer because throughout my life I too have suffered tragedy, finding myself in need of legal counsel. At those moments, marble floors and leather couches did not assure me that the well-dressed stranger sitting across the desk from me truly understood my predicament, nevertheless cared.

I became a lawyer fort this precise reason. As it says on our home page, justice should be a right not a commodity. Although I charge attorney fees like any lawyer, a person has to eat after all, at Lockwood Legal Services your case is not simply a job. It is a cause. Finding you justice and fighting to try and obtain you a just outcome you know you are entitled to is our mission.

Our law office is licensed to practice law in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

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