How much will my retainer be?

As discussed before, the cost to a client for a particular case depends upon several factors. Likewise, the amount of a retainer required by a client for a particular case depends upon the same type of factors. Those factors include:

  1. Type of case;
  2. State in which the case is to be filed i.e. Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio;
  3. Whether the case must be filed in federal or state court (federal court filing fees are greater);
  4. Amount of required filings;
  5. Complexity of the issues involved;
  6. Contentiousness of the parties;
  7. Other factors.
  8. To get an accurate evaluation of the cost of employing my firm, it is necessary for one of our attorneys to conduct an initial consultation. This initial consultation is free and is designed to allow me to evaluate:
    Whether you have a case;
    The complexity of the case;
    Answers to the above factors;

    1. Determination of how much the case will cost you as a client.
    2. Unlike other law firms in the area, this consultation will be with me Jim Lockwood (an attorney): not a secretary, paralegal, or other type of firm’s employee.

To read more about legal fees and attorney costs, you can read our blog section dedicated exclusively to legal fees.

If you believe you might have a case, it is crucial you contact a qualified attorney immediately. Contact The Lockwood Legal Group for a free consultation today! You can call our office phone, cellular phone, or send us an email.


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