Suing Clark Pleasant Community Schools for Racial Bullying

Today, we announce a new filing in a lawsuit we will be filing against Clark Pleasant Community Schools on behalf of our client, Zonyell Weaver. Today, as required by Indiana law, we sent out a Tort Claim Notice informing Clark Pleasant Community schools of our intent to file a lawsuit on behalf of our Client, Zonyell Weaver. Read Zonyell’s Tort Claim Notice.


Zonyell Weaver, a 12-year-old student of Clark Pleasant Middle School, has suffered extensive, pervasive, severe, and continuous bullying, both on school premises and through the online social networking platform Snapchat.


Ms. Weaver and her family have notified school personnel of the existence and nature of the type of bullying and harassment Ms. Weaver has faced. Yet, the bullying has persisted.


Our children have a right to an education free from torment, sexual harassment, threats of violence, fear of harm, and racial discrimination. School personnel have an obligation to take steps to insure the safety of our children who are placed in their care. This not only includes safety from outside harm such as school shooters, but also safety from bullying from fellow students.


If school personnel are not willing to insure steps are taken to protect children like Zonyell, this firm will hold them accountable for their failure through the Courts.


Teen suicide and self-harm is a national disgrace. Too often the impetus for these horrifying acts is pervasive bullying occurring both at school and online. The attorneys at The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC are dedicated to doing whatever we can to put a stop to it.

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