The Basics About slip and fall cases

If you slip and fall at a local business’s establishment, you may wish to look into filing a claim. Fall is nearly here, and with the winter weather we get in Michiana, there is an ever-growing risk of ice, rain and possibly snow that could cause slick conditions.

Slip-and-fall accidents caused by weather are common, though they are most common in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.

How can you know if a business owner is liable for your injuries?

When it comes to weather, the unnatural accumulation of ice, rain or snow may make the difference in a case. If a business owner allows flooding in a parking lot to fill potholes, for instance, you could accidentally step into one and trip. If a business owner doesn’t clear the stairway of slick ice or snow, you could slip and fall down the stairs.

In both situations, it’s up to the business owner to make sure the location is safe for anyone who wants to come to the business.

The courts essentially want to see that the business owner has taken reasonable steps to prevent others from getting hurt. If you can show negligence, you could win your case. Not filling in pot holes over a length of time or refusing to mark them for visibility and safety could show negligence, just as not salting icy grounds could be perceived as negligent.

The standard the courts use is whether the business owner took reasonable steps to make the premises safe or to warn about knowable hazards.

Whether the business is liable for your slip and fall depends upon the exact facts of your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Business owners can make sure they won’t be the center of a lawsuit by taking care of maintenance and weather hazards as soon as possible. Taking just a few extra minutes to clean up an area could end up preventing injuries that cause another person’s life to change.

If you believe you might have a case, it is crucial you contact a qualified attorney immediately. Contact The Lockwood Legal Group for a free consultation today! You can call our office phone, cell phone, or send us an email.

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