What do you charge for assistance in applying for Social Security Disability income (SSDI)?

The amount a lawyer can charge for a case involving assisting a client with applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is established by federal law. Thus, attorneys do not have a choice about what to charge. It does not matter whether the client lives in Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio.

The amount able to be charged by the attorney is the lesser of either:

  1. 25% of any back benefits Social Security determines the applicant is entitled to; or
  2. $6,000.
  3. So if 25% of an applicant’s back benefits is less than $6,000, the attorney gets that amount. However, if 25% of your back benefits is over $6,000, the attorney only gets $6,000.

If the applicant gets denied and the attorney fails to succeed on all subsequent appeals, the attorney receives nothing. However, The Lockwood Legal Group has a 96% success rate in applying our clients for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). You can read more about applying for Social Security Disability Income here.

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