Why You Should Never Lie To Your Attorney


Like all relationships, the relationship between an attorney and their client is based on trust. trust, no relationship can work effectively. This might seem Cliché but it is not. I promise you that it definitely will not go well for your case if the first time your attorney learns of a negative fact, is when the opposing party presents it at trial.


Do Not Lie To Your Attorney.


If you only take one thing away from reading our firm expectations section of our legal blog, that should be it. do not lie to your attorney. Never ever. I promise you, if you know of a fact that harms your case, so does the opposing party.


Whether you are involved in a divorce case, custody dispute, personal injury lawsuit, or any type of case, harmful facts ALWAYS come out in the end.


So, it is best if your attorney knows of them ahead of time and can prepare accordingly. Your attorney’s job is to protect your legal interests. To protect you, we have to know of everything that might harm your chances. Your attorney cannot protect you against something he or she does not know about.


In addition, if your attorney finds out that you have lied to him or her, or withheld a harmful fact, they will unfortunately begin to doubt whether they can trust you or not. it is only human nature. It harms the attorney client relationship.


Keep in mind, in many of our cases such as personal injury cases, we are often covering litigation expenses on behalf of our clients. This is money that could otherwise be going to our families in the form of income. With this in mind, we feel betrayed if our Client’s do not trust us enough to tell us both  the good and the bad. We have dropped cases before due to a client openly lying to us. There are far too many clients who need help out there for us to spend time on a client who does not respect us enough to tell us the truth.


Keep in mind, the attorney client privilege is an absolute. It is not optional and is something we take extremely seriously. It is a sacred obligation at The Lockwood Legal Group, llc.


Litigation is a war. You never want to go into war with someone you cannot absolutely trust.