Suing Mobile Home Park for Destruction of Resident’s Home

Throughout the country, mobile homes parks are being purchased by large venture capital investment groups and hedge funds. As if landlords of mobile home parks were not scummy enough: now they are commonly becoming large national or multinational corporations.


Profit is All that Matters.


To these companies, these mobile home parks are massive money generating machines. They can charge ridiculous lot rental prices, and also charge rent for those tenants who do not own their own mobile home. Even those who do own their mobile home often find themselves at the mercy of the landlord.


Because the homeowner does not own the land itself, if that homeowner fails to comply with even the most minuscule provision, they can be evicted.


The Business Model


Typically, the business model goes something like this. Purchase large amounts of mobile home parks. Drastically reduce all costs for maintaining the park, its premises, and utilities. Terminate the employment for all but skeleton staff. Jack up the lot rental prices and retain the difference as profit.


If a tenant is unable to pay, evict them, and demand they remove their mobile home from the lot within ten days. When they inevitably fail to do so, as the cost of such removal is often greater than the value of the mobile home itself, take possession of the newly acquired mobile home. The landlord then rents it out to the next tenant.


Since mobile home parks are often homes to the less wealthy and educated in society, or so the thought goes, what are they going to do?


Suing Birchcrest Estates in Niles


The firm recently sued Birchcrest Estates, a mobile home park in Niles, for the destruction of our client’s home along with her belongings therein. Our client’s home was destroyed when a massive tree fell upon and obliterated her home. Thankfully, she was not physically present in the home at the time, or she would have been killed.


Predictably, instead of doing the right thing and compensating the homeowner for the destruction of her home and belongings contained therein, the landlord demanded that the lot be cleaned of its destroyed home along with the remains of the tree. According to the Landlord, it was not their fault that a massive tree on the Landlord’s property fell and obliterated our client’s home and destroyed all her belongings.


Clearly, our client found this to be unacceptable and retained our firm’s representation. So, since the landlord of the mobile home park failed to pay to compensate our client for belongings and destroyed residence, they are having to employ legal counsel.


Property Loss Cases


The firm handles cases involving damage to personal property and personal injuries resulting from the negligence of Landlords of Mobile Home Parks, otherwise known as Trailor parks. Keep in mind, and as we explained in another post, if you suffer property loss from the negligence of the landlord of a mobile home park, it is essential you do not stop paying rent while your case is being litigated.


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