Injured at Work Legal Claims

Work Injury Claims


Workers compensation or work injury claims are often handled differently than personal injury claims.


Most commonly, the victim in a work injury seeks compensation from an employer’s workers compensation insurance rather than the employer themselves.


Employers in most states are required to insure their employees in case of injury. The insurance can transfer risk and litigation expense from the employer to the insurance company.


After an injury, injured workers are often required to file a claim describing their injuries and seek medical attention. This is the case when it comes to Indiana workers compensation claims. In the case of a true work related injury, the insurance company will offer a settlement to cover medical expenses and time off work.


Speak with a legal professional before agreeing to the workers compensation offer. You may get a more favorable settlement.


Common Work Injuries


Common work injury claims include:

·     Construction accidents

·     Spinal cord or head injury

·     Fatal accidents

·     Trucking accidents

·     Wrongful death

·     Slip and fall


What To Do If You Suffer an Injury?


If you or a loved one have suffered an Injury you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the person whose negligent conduct caused the injury. Contact us to discuss your case if you have suffered an injury at work. The initial consultation is entirely free of charge.


Who Do I Contact About My Injury?


Contact The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC right now if you have been injured while on the job. Because of the statute of limitations and other time limits the law places on your work injury claim, it is important you notify your employer as soon as possible about your work related injury, and contact a qualified workers compensation attorney.



If you think you might have a case, it is crucial you contact a qualified attorney right away. We understand litigation is often daunting to those who are not attorneys. but rest assured, we will be here for you all throughout the process. No one fights harder for their clients then attorneys of The Lockwood Legal Group, LLC.


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