Lawsuit Against Lakeland Hospital For Leaving Wood In Patient’s Hand

My client fell in the woods in early May of 2018. As he attempted to break his fall, he throughout his hand.` Unfortunately, his hand landed on a protruding stick which, the weight of his fall caused it to puncture its way through his hand.

Despite being taken to Lakeland Hospital in Niles Michigan, emergency room staff did not properly clean out my client’s wound. Instead, hospital staff gave him a bandage and instructed him to take Advil if he had any further pain.

As our complaint makes clear, this failure to properly clean out my client’s wound resulted in a serious infection. This infection necessitated hospitalization for several days in an attempt to combat the infection.

Following his hospitalization, my client had surgery performed on his hand as planned. However, what was not planned was for the surgeon to fail to remove all the fragments of wood from his wound. As a result, my client spent five months of having wood fragments allowed to remain in his hand.

Despite the inflammation of his hand not significantly diminishing within a few weeks after my client’s first surgical procedure, medical personnel failed to take the hint: there was something wrong.

My client’s first hand surgery occurred in May of 2018. It was not until October of that same year when his surgeon finally realized there might still be something wrong, and a second surgical procedure revealed additional wood fragments in his wound.

We filed our complaint against all medical personnel involved as well as the medical facilities in which they practice. You can read the complaint here.

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